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The Kasseler Querungsbord® allows an almost continuous kerbstone transition from footpath to road. As a “zero-drop” with a footpath and kerbstone junction height of 3 cm, the Kasseler Querungsbord® is of a height that wheels can smoothly roll over. This allows “Joe Public” to cross the street safely and easily and also enables the mobility-restricted, such as wheelchair users, parents with prams or the elderly to do the same.

Appropriate supplementary elements are also available in order to guide the blind and the visually impaired across the street safely, for example for double-crossings (see “Supplementary Elements”).

At a width of 90-100 cm the Kasseler Querungsbord® is wide enough to allow people using walking aids with wheels to cross the road safely and easily, yet not so wide that the blind would encounter problems resulting from a long stretch of missing kerbstone edge.

Kasseler Querungsbord

Kasseler Querungsbord
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