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Meaningful Supplements

The Kasseler Querungsbord® should absolutely be supplemented by the Kassel Scale Slab with an asymmetrical profile. It is laid directly in front of the crossing kerbstone, parallel to the kerb, ideally at a depth of 60 cm, and its special surface structure serves as a warning surface for the blind and visually impaired.
With a ridge interval of 38 mm and a ridge height of 4.5 mm, the Kassel Scale Slab imparts clear tactile signals to the blind and visually impaired from the left/right pendulum movement of their white canes. The asymmetric profile of the ridges (similar to scaling) allows it to convey different signals depending on the direction from which the visually impaired person approaches: when approaching the road from the footpath it stops the white cane and thus the person, when approaching the footpath from the road it is easily recognized but is not obstructive.

Double crossings could be installed as the optimal solution, barrier-free in every respect. With the use of the Kasseler Querungsbord® they allow a safe crossing for people with walking aids with wheels; the Kassel Scale Slab warning surface draws the attention of the blind and visually-impaired to the zero-drop crossing and the Kassel Guiding Plate for the Blind, guides them to a safe crossing with a 4-6 cm high kerbstone.

We would be happy to tell you about various example applications or demonstrate the system to you “live” in our test area or with the use of reference installations.

Kassel Scale Slab

Kasseler Querungsbord-System
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