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Transport Notes

1. The profiled kerbstones are packed and loaded in packages of maximum eight units each on wooden pallets, which are taken back after free delivery of the packages, these are delivered free of charge and a deposit charge of 2€ each is reimbursed on return. If PROFILBETON are commissioned with delivery, the kerbstones will be delivered in a truck with tarpaulin and tarpaulin bows. A lifting device capable of supporting a minimum 1.5-ton load will be required at the delivery location. The forks should be able to lift the pallet such that they do not damage the rear kerbstones.

2. Ensure that the profiled kerbstone package is set down horizontally during unloading with a sufficient safe distance between it and the other packages. If single kerbstones are to be stored temporarily, ensure that they are set down on intermediate wooden blocks sufficiently high, compacted and firm. Ensure that they are stored in a stable place and are protected from damage and soiling.

3. A suitable laying gripper or similar lifting device should be used to lift and lay individual kerbstones. The lifting device must be capable of bearing a load of min. 350 kg (can be hired from Profilbeton). If conditions on-site preclude the use of a laying gripper that grips the kerbstones laterally we recommend the use of a vacuum-lifting device.

4. The delivery receipt contains the confirmation of an orderly transfer of goods, free from defects, for the contractee/customer. This must be confirmed by signature after a careful visual inspection at the delivery location.

5. No profiled kerbstones will be taken back to the manufacturer’s factory free of charge or reimbursed once the orderly transfer of goods has taken place and the contract has been fulfilled. Any refund to the contractee/customer is made under reservation of an inspection of the goods by the manufacturer on delivery to the factory (check note on the return document).

Kassel Guiding Plate for the Blind

Kassel Guiding Plate for the Blind
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