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Kerb for separating cycle paths from pedestrian paths

The basic rule behind the highway code is mutual consideration and the avoidance of obstacles, hazards, harassment and damage. Paragraph 1 of the German Highway Code (§1 StVO) requires all road users “to behave in such a way that no-one else is damaged, endangered (...), obstructed or harassed”. Yet all road users have the same rights. So what needs to be done to ensure safety for all road users even where there is little room, such as on paths used jointly by cyclists and pedestrians?

The Kassel cycle-pedestrian path border stone offers optimum help for guaranteeing safety even where there is little room. Its sophisticated surface structure and brightness provide ideal tactile, acoustic and visual signals. Both cyclists and pedestrians with normal vision and impaired vision benefit from the multiple information provided by the stones, which is differentiated depending on requirements.

The Kassel cycle-pedestrian path border stone
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