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The raised kerb for safe and direct approach

The patented profiled kerbstone from PROFILBETON is the optimal solution for modern low-floor systems.

The profiled kerbstone is one component of the modern low-floor public transport system and unites the low-floor stop with the low-floor vehicle. The height and width proportions of the kerbstone match those of low-floor buses and trams. The kerbstone serves as an approach aid for the vehicle and has the effect of directly guiding it automatically and safely to the stop. The vehicle can be boarded and deboarded easily as the horizontal and vertical distances between the low-floor vehicle (bus/tram) and the stop have been reduced to a minimum.

The approach surface of the profiled kerbstone is similar to the profile of the tyre and is particularly smooth. This is easy on the tyres and reduces their high replacement costs. The kerbstone cannot be displaced; even when driven at directly it cannot be dislodged from its position, as the bus will already be on top of the kerbstone and exerting the load onto it before the flank forces can take effect. It cannot be driven up on or climbed if approached tangentially.

With our raised kerb, you build a durable, low-maintenance bus-stop edge. They also display an innovative, far-sighted design for the modern low-floor system.

even boarding

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